★★★ On air at Netflix ~2022/9/27★★★

Tuna Girl goes like Tuna!
Never stop moving forward!
A college girl joined the research of full-cycle aquaculture on farming Pacific Bluefin Tuna. She faces difficulties of the actual farming, eventually leads herself growing up. Original script based on the on-going research & studies. Academic comedy drama full of laugh and tears.

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( 2019, 90min )

something interesting

★★Just 1minute! Please watch it ! ★★

A short movie that captures the brilliance of a momentary expression of a girl who challenges a unicycle.
Director & Scriptwriter & Cinematographer & Editor & Comporsor : Mana YASUDA
2002 Grand Prix at nifty Yume Yubin Shortcut Movie Contest
( 2000, 1min )

Bella Grazie

A broken-hearted woman, an eccentric man and a lonely owner. Three has met at an Italian restaurant closing down.
Comical yet sad… a short story of one single night.

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( 2004, 16min )
Production : Kansai Television Co. Ltd.

Japanese-style Paella

A woman aiming to become a makeup artist, met a country girl in an old farmhouse.
Gentle and healing drama, spotlighting on beauties of aging and simplicities.

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( 1997, 26min, 8mm )


In broad daylight, unknown woman called out to me.
She began to stalk me obstinately…….
A suspenseful short story, filled with insanity.

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( 1994, 15min, 8mm )